The market is demanding from companies a quality in products and services, superior in relation to duration and even usability. The experience of the consumer is an overestimated item and deserves full attention. With the growing socialization of social networks and the increase in access and time spent on the internet, researching for products or services that fit perfectly with our tastes has become a reality and, therefore, companies that want to stay in the market or else increase your marketshare should think about how to reduce waste, how to specifically target the activities that really add value to the customer and thereby be a step forward in the market.

In view of this scenario that moves the Brazilian market, whether for micro, small or medium sized companies, the decision was taken to offer companies a specialized consultancy, with fair and reduced costs since our work model happens entirely through the internet.

But how is it possible to provide consulting and advisory services in the online mode?

Most management flaws are known and enough meetings with managers and employees are enough for the right measures to be taken in the light of the desired improvement. Our meetings take place via Skype, however, for clients located in Porto Alegre/RS it is possible and even recommended that there be direct meetings in the company for a greater personalization in the attendance.